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    === Zip Code Redirect ===
    Contributors: paulio21, freemius
    Tags: Zip Code, Post Code, URL Redirect, Local Website, Local Message,
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    Requires at least: 6.3
    Tested up to: 6.4
    Requires PHP: 7.2
    Stable tag: 5.1.5
    License: GPLv2 or later
    License URI:

    A Plugin To Check A Users Zip Code Or Post Code And Redirect The User To A Pre-determined URL Or Display A Useful Message.

    == Description ==

    Zip Code Redirect is a Technique Used by Websites to Give Their Users Customized Information Based on Their Location. When a User Enters Their Zip Code, the Website Redirects Them to a Localized Version of the Website with Information Specific to Their Area or Displays a Message Useful to the End User. This Helps Improve the User Experience by Providing Targeted Content and Services. Companies Also Use Zip Code Redirect to Target Their Marketing Efforts and Offer Location-based Promotions to Users. This Helps Boost Conversions and Improve User Engagement by Catering to the Needs of Visitors in Specific Geographic Areas.
    Zip Code Redirect Incorporates a Zip Code/Post Code Check Function That Allows You to Verify if a Given Zip Code/Post Code is Valid or Not. It Helps to Prevent Errors That Can Occur when Entering Incorrect Information. The Function Checks the Format of the Code.
    However, Some Users May Find This Intrusive and Prefer Not to Share Their Location Data.
    Zip Code Redirect Will Check a Users Zip Code or Post Code and Based on the Value Will Redirect the User to Another Webpage, Website or Display a Helpful Message.
    This Will Help You to Deliver a More User-friendly Experience with Your Website.
    Zip Code Redirect Can Also Aid Your Seo.
    Can Be Used with Any Uk 5, 6 or 7 Digit Post Code, Four or Five Digit Numeric Zip Code or a Six Digit Alpha-numeric Zip Code.
    If a Match is Found the Redirect is Activated or a Useful Message is Displayed.
    If No Match is found a Suitable Message is Displayed or a More Functional URL is Activated.
    The Zip Code Check is Activated when the User Presses the Enter Key, the Submit Button (if Activated) or the Zip Code Input Box Loses Focus.

    Unsure, Why Not Try the Plugin on a Free Dummy Site

    Technical Information

    Zip Code Redirect Was Developed on a Default 6.4 Word Press Installation Running the Free Astra Theme 4.4.0 Php Version 8.0.26.

    • Customize Any Page, Any Element.
    • Makes Webpage User-friendly.
    • Redirect Your Website Visitors to More Local Pages.
    • Redirect Users or Customers to a Friendlier Local URL if Successful.
    • Redirect Users or Customers to a Friendlier Local URL if Unsuccessful.
    • Can Be Used in the UK, the Us, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Etc.

    Additional Features, Exclusive to premium Plans Include:

    • Redirect Unlimited Zip Codes to Four Different URLs.
    • Redirect Unlimited Zip Codes to Unlimited URLs.
    • Data Redirect Unlimited Text Data to Unlimited URLs.
    • Text Data Can Be Anything You Want, Towns, Counties, Goods You Are Selling, Services You Offer Etc.

    == Installation ==

    1. Upload the Plugin Files to the /wp-content/plugins/ Directory, or Install the Plugin Through the Word Press Plugins Screen Directly.
    2. Activate the Plugin Through the ‘plugins’ Screen in Word Press.
    3. from the Menu Click Zip Code Redirect Settings and Input Your Redirect URL and Zip Code List.
    4. Insert the Zip Code Redirect Short Code on One of Your Pages.

    == Short Code Usage ==
    We Recommend You Put the Zip Code Redirect or Data Redirect in a Sidebar or Maybe a Banner.
    Only Put One Instance of the Short Code

    Please Enter Your Full Zip Code.
    Please Use The 4, 5, 6 Digit Or The UK System
    on a Webpage Although You Can Use Multiple Instances Across Your Website.
    Only Put One Instance of the Short Code [dataredirect] on a Webpage Although You Can Use Multiple Instances Across Your Website.

    == Frequently Asked Questions ==

    =I Need to Apply CSS to the Input Box.=

    Just Open Plugins/zipcode-redirect/css/style.css in Your Favorite Editor. Add Your CSS and Save.
    Else, Goto Your Themes Additional CSS Settings and Input Your CSS Code There.

    =Will Zip Code Redirect Work with My Theme?=

    Yes, Zip Code Redirect is Compatible with All Themes. You Can Be Sure That Zip Code Redirect Works in the Best Possible Way.

    =Will Zip Code Redirect Work with Other Plugins?=

    Yes, No Problem. However Some Caching and Optimization Plugins Can Stop Zip Code Redirect from Functioning Correctly.
    Zip Code Redirect Will Not Stop Other Plugins from Functioning Correctly.

    =Is Zip Code Redirect Safe to Use?=

    Yes, Zip Code Redirect Does Not Modify the Theme And/Or Other Plugin Files. This is 100% Safe.

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